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Claude Heater

Born in Oakland, CA, Claude Heater grew up in a religious family and, at the age of 19, served as a missionary. His journey of faith and challenges within established a zeal for truth that propels Heater to this day. His commitment and desire for truth set the stage for one of the world's greatest singers/actors. Claude Heater is an enigma; his story and accomplishments are as compelling and revealing as any among the world's great singers. 

Career as a Tenor

From 1961-1964 Heater concentrated on re-training his voice as a tenor, first with Mario del Monaco in Rome and later with Max Lorenz in Munich and Salzburg. He was scheduled for his debut in Munich as Parsifal at the Prinzeregententheater, an opera house built like the Bayreuth Festspiel House that was still being renovated. So his first performance as a tenor was in the title role of Hans Werner Henze's König Hirsch at the Bavarian State Opera in 1964. The performance was a great success and he became the leading dramatic tenor at the opera house from 1964–1968; drawing particular acclaim for his portrayal of Wagnerian heroes like Siegmund in Die Walküre, Tristan in Tristan und Isolde, and the title roles...

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